Fill Project with Markdown file

What I did:
I would like to import To-Do lists from Wunderlist. So I exported them to text, formatted the text as Markdown and imported to Agenda.

What happened:
Unfortunately the whole list went into a single Agenda item which was (correctly) Markdown formatted.

What I expected:
Can I format my list in Markdown so it is broken down into multiple Agenda items? Which Markdown markup is Agenda looking for to start a new item? What marks the beginning of an item’s note?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 1.1 on MacOS 10.12.6

I think we added that, but I’m not 100% we fully implemented it. You should be able to separate notes with a line that has 3 or more hyphens. Eg.

Hi there. This is first note
This is the second note

Let me know if that doesn’t work.


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That’s great news. I’ll give that a try as soon as I get home. Thanks!
Is there a complete list of all supported Markdown markups that are interpreted?
Or is there another preferred way to import stuff from other apps into Agenda?

There is a list, but it looks like we forgot to mention that shortcut. Here is the list:


Nice. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks a lot!

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One thing to be aware of when importing notes like that: If you want your note to have a proper header you need to use #. Otherwise every note will be called like the markdown filename with a number appended.

So the complete example of notes with headers and content would look like this:

# Hi there. This is first note title
  -[] This is note content.
  -[] Also note content
# This is the second note title
  -[] This is note content.
  -[] Also note content

One thing that would be super awesome is if the import respected the order of the notes in the markdown file. Right now their order is reversed on import so the top line becomes the bottom note.


Thanks for the feedback. It sounds reasonable, although the order is probably due to the default newest is first order Agenda uses. (You can change that order in the jump menu by clicking the project name at the top.)

In this order, it would make sense that the last note in the list appears first in Agenda. So it is something we will need to think about.

Thanks for the tip. Didn’t know I could change that there. Works as expected now.

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I have multiple markdown files - when I import they import perfectly into one project as seperate notes.

Is it possible for each .md file to be a new project?

Thanks so much

We might offer more import options down the road indeed.