Feedback on Tables

I love to use tables to get my thoughts and tasks organized. Unfortunately, I find the tables function in Agenda is generally very buggy and I would love the team to have at least a bit more confused on the tables function and work on it more.
Ex. The transition of the tables is not smooth expanding and shrinking the tables. Adding columns and rows are generally also difficult.
Another feature could be implemented (or maybe I haven’t found the way to do it) is merge two cells.

Would love to continue to use Agenda! So would be highly appreciated to have better tables functions.

We certainly have plans to improve tables in future. We added basic tables to begin with. Resizing columns and having more formatting in cells is a high priority.

Not really sure what you mean by that exactly. Can you explain?

We basically took on the same idea as Apple Notes for that. Don’t think it is difficult really.

We probably won’t go this far. This is starting to get into the realm of a spreadsheet or word processor. Don’t think there are many notes apps that do this. I would recommend using something like Numbers for a table like this, and attaching the file to Agenda.

Thanks for the feedback!

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