Feedback on further development


Thank you for creating the app. Here are a couple of feedback. As a reference please see ChaosControl. I started organizing there and would like to move to this, however here are things I feel would really help the app.

  1. cross platform - software for windows laptop, android and not just macOS and iOS

  2. lock code - and option to lock any of the software with lock code. For eg - my windows laptop I have lock code on the app. But with my apple products it’s open.

  3. organizing information - creating folders into folders -> the. Creating projects. And within projects notes/tasks

  4. create repetition of task - creating repitive tasks

  5. calendar view (on opening) - an option to have calendar view pop-up first while opening it.

  6. Notification - an option to create notification reminder of day schedule in setting

I hope it helps. Great work so far…


Thank you for the feedback! I think we have seen most of your requests come by, and several are certainly on our roadmap.

Kind regards,


I’m sure you guys have. Keep doing the great work mate. I wish you more success.

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