Feedback after moving from Mac to iOS

I enjoyed using Agenda on Mac and recently moved to and iPad Pro but Agenda is so buggy and hard/impossible to get working consistently on iOS as to be unusable imo.

Is there an acceptance of the challenges of using Agenda on iOS and is there a road map to improve the iOS version or is the focus on Mac?

If not that’s fine but it will help me to know so that I can decide what to do.

Can you go into more details on what aspects of the iOS app don’t work reliably for you? Can you screen capture or screenshot these issues?

I appreciate you replying and I have attached 2 images highlighting spell checking. I can’t get agenda on ios to spell check consistently.
I’m not afraid to admit that I find the iOS settings, esp. accessibility settings fairly irritating.

What you show in the screenshot is from a an app that has its own spellchecking system, if you check the Notes app from Apple you’ll see that it won’t do the red squiggles either. We use the default system where the spellcheck will only appear while you’re typing a word (it will be highlighted in yellow and offer corrections in the bar above the keyboard).

Thank you for answering.