Feature requests

Thanks for the great application. Like many others here I like the app and see a great future ahead. :slight_smile:
I hope you have the possibility to add attachments to Notes ready soon, i’m really, really waiting for this. (For me this is the dealbreaker in using the free version or go for the paid one)

Other request:

  • Please make it possible to edit a single note without other notes in the project visible. (I need to be able to open a note on a beamer and then I don’t want to show other notes in the project). Highly needed… :wink:
  • Can you check if it is possible to support Outlook/Exchange? Would be nice if my notes could sync with my Outlook Calendar.
  • Possibility to collaps or expand all notes in a project with a single click.
  • Possibility to mark a note Done with a single click. (now you have to open the calendar and remove any dates you put on the note)
  • Possibility to create project underneath a project. I would like it if I could create an archive project underneath a project in which I can archive notes not needed anymore. (But still want to keep for history tracking)

And as last I would like to vote as being an Android user. ;-). Please do not forget us for the mobile apps.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the feedback!

We have seen most of these, and will do our best.

This one I found a bit odd:

Possibility to mark a note Done with a single click. (now you have to open the calendar and remove any dates you put on the note)

That’s not really how we envisage you using the app. Usually marking “done” might involve clicking the yellow dot to take the note “off the agenda”. We suggest leaving the date as it is. It is a historical record for future reference, and it is a shame to remove that info.

Kind regards,

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Update: today’s 2.0 update allows you to mark a note as “Done”.

Thanks a lot!!!

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Is there a way to search for notes based on Done status (e.g., find all notes that are not Done)? Thanks!

Not yet, perhaps in the future indeed

Hi, I’m new here. The app looks great!
2 questions:

  1. I’m a android user with my phone, and Mac with the laptop. Of course, for the full power I like to use it also by the phone. When would be the app running on android phones?

  2. The sync with microsoft outlook is still running, right?

Thanks much!

For both Android and Windows we have no plans for the immediate future I’m afraid. We are not ruling out doing an Android and/or Windows app in the future. Just not right now, because we already have a lot to do for iOS and macOS.