Fastest method to Navigate to a note

All, needs some inspiration and guidance here.

I use Agenda as the notetaking tool at work. I keep 1 note per ongoing conversation I have with people in the organization and I have them structutured in folders by department / subsidiaries. Then I also do folders based on projects etc. Many notes! I usually have a pretty good idea to where they are but feel its slow to navigate to them. Ideally i would like to get to a note in 1 click - i have implemented the use of Apple Shortcuts and it works pretty well but its a hassle to in addition to create a new note also script a shortcut.

How do you quickly navigate to your notes - inspire me!


Hi Peter,
A couple of ways you can navigate between notes:

  1. You can create internal links in the text, that link directly to other notes or projects. Just start typing [[
  2. You can add tags to notes, and then make a saved search for that tag. It appears as an overview in the left column, and updates automatically as tags are added/removed.

We have plans to improve search and filtering a lot in the coming months. Probably be in Agenda 19

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You can also use the people tag to navigate to a note. I always try to tag every person in every note, so when Iā€™m looking for a note of a conversation with @ Joe Doe, I can simply search on that tag.

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