Faster styling short cut suggestion

I’m only just starting with Agenda, but I’m finding the styling / markdown shortcuts really fiddly. I can see them really slowing down my typing and thinking.

The best approach that I’ve found elsewhere is in Quip - I like the simplicity of the pop up menu when text is selected, especially the pull down menu for paragraph format, but what I absolutely love is using backtick to toggle through ALL available styles - starting with H1.

I use this all the time - I start writing, without worrying what style/level the sentence would be until the end, then I realise it’s actually a new heading or whatever, and just hit ` (backtick), without any modifier key, to get H2 or checklist or whatever. It’s a real time saver. See here.

(Incidentally, I use Quip for team collaboration and some personal notes etc, but I can see Agenda replacing it for my non-collaborative writing.)


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Sounds like an interesting input method. Can think about something like that in future perhaps.

For now, I recommend just learning the keyboard shortcuts. They are pretty similar. CMD-CTRL-. You learn them pretty quick, and then you can set a paragraph style easily with them. Or you use markdown (eg. # This is the heading).


Really hoping this comes. This is the feature that I’ve missed from all the other notes apps I’ve used like Notion, Craft, etc. They make it super easy to quickly change the formatting of the line you’re currently in. They both use the / key to trigger a menu with formatting options for both styles and list types and it’s sooooo much easier to remember and faster than trying to memorize 10 different keyboard shortcuts. Been using Agenda for a few months now and this is still the main feature I’m missing from other notes apps.

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Note that you can already change style using the actions, for instance by typing \bold. For more on actions see Take POWERFUL ACTIONS using your NOTES with Agenda 14 - YouTube

Ah! I’ve just tried this and it’s great to see that the pod up offers all the options and they are filtered as you start to type. I was under the impression (I’ve not watched the video!) that I’d need to remember the commands eg ‘bold’. I can really see me using this now I understand how it actually works!

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