Fantastical 2



I would buy it, if it would connect to fantastical 2 =)…


This is a common request, and we are going to look into it.


We now have some support for Fantastical. You should be able to open Fantastical from inside Agenda now in version 1.3.


Does not Work or I don’t find the option.
If I try to create a Event the application crashes - I think it tries to send to Apple Calendar but it fails because I don’t use it…
How can I change “create event” to fantastical?


Does not Work or I don’t find the option.

See this topic: Opening events in third-party calendar apps


I don’t want to create a new thread.

Using the iPad-App of agenda, I’ve linked a note with an event.

Opening Fantastical2 there is the URL in the note section of the event. But it’s recogniced as text an not as an URL.

Opening Calendars 5 or the Apple Calendar app, the link is working


I’ve already opened this issue before. It’s a limitation of Fantastical (iOS). I’ve requested a feature for that to them but they said that they are not yet supporting URL Link in the meantime. So I shifted to Calendars 5 by Readdle. Works amazingly fine.


thanks for the explanation. I will have a look to Calendars 5


I do love Fantastical. But the ios app limitation for URL affected my workflow. With Calendars 5, I finally completed my workflow. Try first their free version


Indeed, best thing to do is to ask them to:
a) support tappable links in the notes section of a calendar event
b) add support for the same URL scheme as in their Mac app that allows opening Fantastical at a certain date.

The Agenda url scheme can't be clicked in Fantastcal2 for iOS

Will do. I’ve tried Calendars 5 and just don’t want to deal with different desktop vs mobile apps (there’s no Calendars 5 app on the Desktop Mac OS, it’s only available on iOS iPhone/iPad devices). It’s helpful to not have to do mental gymnastics when working.

I’m happy to put in the request with Fantastical 2 team and hopefully, it’ll happen before long. I still havn’t found a note taking app that I really like. This concept seems nice although being able to store files with my notes is really important to me. Todist essentially acts as my note-taking app even though it’s not designed for that.