Extension for Agenda in macOS


Why is it there appears to be no option to share straight to Agenda from say……a preview doc? So i can select mail, messages, telegram, even notes………but not Agenda…I’m using Agenda instead of Notes so the last thing i want to do is put things there……any thoughts?

A sharing extension is something we definitely want to add, and is planned for the near future. It is very high on our list.

I can imagine it seems like this would be very easy to do, and — if it were — we certainly would have already done it. Unfortunately, such an extension needs to be able to use the Agenda notes data fully, even when Agenda is not actually running. So we need some quite extensive changes under the covers to make this possible.

Nonetheless, it’s an important feature, and we plan to start looking into it in the second half of the year. Sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the fast response drew.

Yes I think it’s desperately needed. Especially if you are expecting people to use agenda as the centre of their hub… was quite surprised that telegram offer it but then it’s far less complicated amount of data isn’t it?



It has not so much to do with data structure but rather with how the main application and extension access the data.