Extended year of premium features while in beta?

Just curious: I bought a year of Agenda’s premium features while the app is still in beta (that is: with all its bugs). Will the premium features year be extended with the betaperiod or am I paying for a not completely finished app?

/ Ton

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Hi Ton, the beta period will only be very short, and the app is very close to 1.0 (i.e. we don’t believe you are testing a very unfinished or half completed app). Right now we also don’t have ways to extend the 12 months with say 1 month (simply a resources/priority matter in order to get the app shipped). We are however planning to add more options that would allow us more flexibility, we’ll keep your feedback in mind and see what we can do once we have the options.

Well, I know it’s rc2, but Agenda is pretty darn slow on my Mac, it doesn’t remember the view state inbetween launches, YouTube (and probably other links with a ? in them) are broken so it’s not yet ready for takeoff. It’s in no way unfinished or half complete, but I figured it would need a few more rc’s. That being said I gladly paid for the app, as it looks to be the perfect note app for me.

Can you provide more detail on which parts of the UI you’d expect to be restored specifically that don’t at the moment?

yup. I activated the ‘related’ pane, so it shows when I’m taking notes. After I quit and relaunch the app the related pane is closed where it should be shown.


Strange, that works fine here, will investigate.

Maybe it would be an option to only start counting the 12 months once you’ve released the app?