Exporting tables from Agenda to Word?

Is there any way to export a table from Agenda to Word whilst still being editable? I’ve tried all of the different formats and it doesn’t seem to work and I’m not sure if I’m missing anything. Even copy and pasting doesn’t seem to work.

What you might find works is selecting a range of text that includes the table in it. So don’t select the table, but drag a selection of text, and copy that text selection. Then paste in the other app.

This is working for me pasting into Pages on Mac, so it may work for Word too. If not, perhaps you could paste into Pages, and then copy from there to Word.

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I don’t seem to be even able to copy from Agenda to Pages on iOS. I’ve selected some text below the table and then dragged up but when I copy in Pages, it’s just blank. Any advice?

I only tried on the Mac, where I did get a table. I guess it doesn’t work on iOS yet for some reason. We will investigate.

For now, you could try exporting as Rich Text, and importing that. Perhaps that will work.

If I could piggyback on this thread, I’m having trouble copy-pasting tables into Agenda. They are usually not recognized as tables.

We don’t have anything special to recognize tables in import data at this point. As far as I know there isn’t a standard for this. It is largely app dependent.

We will try to support some of the options, like HTML.

I typically import tables from email so HTML would likely be sufficient for me :slight_smile:

I can copy them into Pages, but it does not copy it as a table that is actually editable, but rather almost like a screenshot/picture. I’m looking to be able to copy the table to word and for it to be editable. Is there any other workaround?

On the Mac, if I select the table, and copy, and then paste into Apple Notes, I do get a table. So that seems to work. Perhaps you can find a way to go from Apple Notes to Word.