Exporting notes as individual Markdown files

It’s been 1.5 years since I first used Agenda Premium but AFAIK there still isn’t a way to export notes as individual Markdown files. I saw the feature request as far back as beginning of 2019 and am wondering what’s the rationale behind the decision not to include this feature.

There’re already a lot of different export options but none of them really helps with data portability. For example, the Agenda format is only readable by the app itself while the Markdown file includes every exported notes, which isn’t really helpful in my opinion.

I like Agenda, I really do, but it bothers me that I can’t access my exported notes from other apps like DevonThink, Obsidian, or nvAlt. I don’t need them to be in sync automatically, I just want an option to manually do a bulk export from time to time.

Any particular reason why this can’t be in the short term roadmap?

I’m not really following this. You should be able to export a note as markdown. We have had this from day one.

On Mac, select the note, and then use File > Export. On iOS, it should also work.

Can you explain what you mean if I am misunderstanding?

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Sure thing. What I mean is selecting multiple notes (or all of them) and exporting them as individual notes, in one go. How it works right now is creating a single file containing all the notes.

Hope it’s clear - that was a late night post.

Ah, got it, yes that would indeed be nice, perhaps down the line we can offer more options when it comes to markdown export indeed.

Following to see if there’s a solution. I just exported most of my files recently and couldn’t find a way to export a folder as individual files. You have to do it one by one if you want them separated. This would be nice to have.

At the moment there’s no solution other than to do it manually I’m afraid.

I hope this is available soon. Add it to Premium. Wouldn’t want to have that for free.