Export with background color

Exported notes to PDF do not retain background color. Is there a way to have this ability to use same color background when exporting?

This has indeed been an oversight we hope to fix in a future update.

Though please give us the option to choose whether or not to include the background colour in the export without changing it in the note.

Because, I use colour to help me as I use Agenda, it would have no meaning, and in fact be a distraction, for people I send exported pdfs to!

Hopefully this oversight can be implemented in next release. All my exported PDF look the same at the moment, which takes more time to sort them out. Thanks

Would this oversight of PDF not retaining note background be fixed in upcoming v17? Everything’s white background in my weekly PDF exports…

We’ll do our best, can’t promise but will try.

Ok but do hope it can be included in next release. Notes are all color coded on agenda but everything is white when exported to PDF. Kind of pointless to color at first place

Not necessarily. I guess it depends who you ask, which is why this is a more tricky problem to solve.

Many people just use the background color as an organizational tool. Technically, it isn’t part of the note content, it’s part of the controls of the app, like the buttons. From that perspective, when you print it, you should not show the color, the same way you don’t show the buttons etc.

Obviously you feel differently, and want the color included. We will have to see what we can do to make everyone happy…

Drew, up to you & Alex to sort it internally. He said it’s a oversight and you said color just organisational tool.

Previously reported problems with Agenda being able to handle large amount of data, mine’s hundreds of MB, so advised by you guys to export old notes to reduce DB size. Exported vast majority to PDF to reduce from 600MB+ to around 50MB. Problem is that all my notes classified in different colors now look the same with white background as reported here.

Nothing I can do If you and Alex decide not to bother fixing exported PDF with background color. You guys decide whether you want to spend time to to fix the problem or not.

We need to discuss it yes. I see it as an organizational tool, but perhaps it is also a visual appearance thing like font for many people. Probably need an option for it.

Sure. You can make that a paid feature if desired. Been renewing mine for years and expect to continue. Too many notes in agenda to switch

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We wouldn’t make it paid feature. The problem is we currently don’t have a print customization panel, so would need a bit more work, but will see what we can do.

@mekentosj @drewmccormack A massive thank you for implementing color background in export with new release. Very happy to see Agenda keep on improving! Cheers guys.

You’re welcome @Gadget, thank you for your support and feedback!