Export to .md extension

As far as I know, Agenda exports Notes in Markdown with the ‘.markdown’ extension. Can there be a Settings option for ‘.md’?

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Which application doesn’t support the markdown extension? And is this on mac or iOS?

I haven’t used this export yet myself, but I’ve never even seen .markdown used. Everything I’ve ever seen is .md.

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My exploration so far seems to show that iAWriter does not recognize the ‘.markdown’ extension. I’ve come at it from several ways but not yet directly with the folks from iAWriter. I have limited knowledge with Markdown, so I thought I’d start the discussion here so I’d have some knowledge if/when I get to ‘discuss’ it with them.

As mentioned in other threads, bidirectional sync is a hot topic lately. My exploration of the Second Brain theory relies on this type of linking, e.g., Roam, The Archive and Obsidian. The last two apps are Mac apps, which save and read open source Markdown files in a variety of locations, iCloud and Dropbox. Roam is web based in a closed environment. I realize Agenda was not necessarily designed to be a Zettelkasten system, so right now I’m pursuing one avenue that creates a Note in Agenda (with which I’m much more familiar) for export into the separate Zettelkasten environment.

Where do you see the .markdown extension? I just tested, and it gave me a .md extension.

Extension doesn’t seem to currently cause issues loading or editing the file in iPadOS, but I was concerned if this might become an issue going forward. Once again, I was concerned because I was researching a workflow and none of the info identified the ‘.markdown’ extension.

And those are definitely exports from Agenda?

Do you know where you made them? On iOS?

Export Note as Markdown from Agenda to folder in iCloud from iPad Pro. 1st I was looking to use Agenda AS a Zettelkasten solution. When you guys mentioned that bidirectional linking didn’t look like anything coming to the app anytime soon, I looked to export some of the test Notes from Agenda to the folder in iCloud so I could continue the ‘testing’ using either iAWriter or 1Writer, which have facsimiles of bidirectional linking. That’s when I noticed the extension difference between what Agenda was exporting and the two apps were creating natively. Hence, the question? :wink:

I could not determine whether Agenda was assigning the extension wording OR was Apple assigning it. I made the assumption, I was more likely to get a quicker answer from you guys than anyone at Apple.

Thanks. I will test that. (I was exporting on Mac, and getting md)

Have now fixed this. Will be in the next beta.

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Thanks much.