Export to folder broken?

If you click on a category and select Share… and then Save as file and then select Markdown and then opt to export Each project as a separate file, you expect a folder of markdown files to be created. Instead, you get both an error prompt and a single markdown file of 0kb.

Unfortunately this is a current limitation by imposed safety limits of the system, we’re trying to find a workaround but it’s not trivial alas. Does it work if you export to the Downloads folder instead?

I just did this with no problem by exporting to an existing folder.

I think it probably goes wrong when it needs to create a project folder for you. Seems to be putting the notes in the wrong place. We will investigate.

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Same problem here. Just to clarify: It will save the project notes as a single file, it will not put all notes as separate files in the chosen folder.

As a workaround, it does work if you export to Downloads, because this has special permissions.

That"s good to know, thanks @drewmccormack