Export PDF with attachments

When exporting a note as a pdf- if pdfs are attached to the note it would be great if there was an option to append those pdfs to the note’s pdf.
Rationale: when using a note as a meeting note/agenda it would be great to export the note and all supporting notes as a meeting packet.


Interesting suggestion, we’ll think about this, thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback! Note that if you have others that have Agenda, you can export with Agenda Archive format, which includes the PDFs. Even RTF with Attachments will include the files.


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I would really like to see this feature too. Although i would prefer to be able to attach more file types. Like txt, rtf, docx, xlsx, png, jpg and of course pdf.

I mainly use Agenda for writing protocols of meetings but it also comes in handy for every other note taking or documentary work and is so much more pleasant to work with compared to MS Word. But as @seidberg already mentioned it would be great to be able to export your work as a complete package and the opportunity to give everyone access to it as pdf file.

I’m not fully following. You can already attach all of those files. They don’t all become visible inline, but you can view them by clicking or quick looking.

If you export your note as an Agenda Archive, it will include the attached files. Anyone with Agenda can import it, including attachments.

You can export to PDF, but PDF is a static format and does not support attachments AFAIK. The best you can do is show an image in the PDF. We could try to support showing a preview of some of the formats in the text, but it would just be an image of the first page. Is that what you are getting at? You would like a preview of those document types inline?

Hello Drew,

for sure i would love to see more inline displayed attachments in Agenda itself. For instance txt and rtf documents. For other filetypes i see the same issues you already stated above.

But what i meant was that an exported pdf document (note) should also include the attached files as attachments regardless of their filetype. No inline display, no conversion just attach the plain files to the pdf export. AFAIK its possible to attach any files to pdf documents. Acrobat can do it and also has preference options to handle the security implications of such attachments. Those attachments are listed in the attachments section of Acrobat. There you can interact with them (mainly opening them). What im not sure about is whether the pdf format is capable of placing an anchor-icon somewhere in the document to interact with an attachment like word does.

The above should not apply to attachments types like pictures that Agenda can already display inline. I like how this works already and is one of the reasons i bought Agenda :slight_smile:

Why do i like so see all that implemented. As i already said above i mainly use Agenda to keep track of meetings and record what is being discussed. After a meeting i would like to make this protocol available to all attendees which is much easier as a single pdf file because not everyone bought Agenda yet :wink: or is prevented to install and use it by compliance.

I hope this clears things up a little.

Keep up the good work :smiley:

Ah, OK, that does make sense. I actually wasn’t aware PDFs could have attachments.

I’m not sure how involved it would be to do this in our app, but we’ll investigate. Would indeed be a nice feature.


or maybe hyperlinks… it will be so good if we can put a word with hyperlink to some archive to onedrive or some cloud service…