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Although I’m liking Agenda (and bought a year’s upgrades), I’ve also been through the cycle of liking then abandoning note systems multiple times. Simplenote, DevonThink (several times), Tinderbox (great before iPad), Evernote (only for a week), Yojimbo…more I’ve forgotten. Not blaming it on the apps–it’s undoubtedly me.

My fickleness has left me with a commitment to .txt. So it’s great that Agenda exports projects to markdown.

Feature request: allow bulk export of notes–i.e., exporting a project creates a folder with separate .md files for each note.

Thanks for considering it!


We have a feature like this in mind, but have a few bigger fish to fry at the moment. Stay tuned!

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Is this feature in the work?

I see couple of export options (Agenda file, RTF) but all the notes are in a massive file. Haven’t tried the Markdown option yet (I’m still a free user).

I wonder if I can export all notes as individual Markdown files yet. Thanks!

No, we don’t support that yet. Sorry.

Any news on export?

No news at this point I’m afraid.

Just wanted to throw my hat in. This is THE feature that’s kept me from using Agenda. More than happy to upgrade for pro features, but have burned by enough companies to want to make sure I can get my data out if need be.

I don’t fickly move around, but weather my own doing or from unforeseen circumstances the company stops development or innovating *cough*evernote*cough*, I need to know that I can, with relative easy, move on.

That’s why I’m excited to see you have Markdown export, but manually doing that one note at a time would be a nightmare. There is where I see NotePlan doing well, but it lacks so many of the cool features of Agenda.

I’ve looked at the data files for the app, but they’re binary. Is it a proprietary format, or something that I could write a script to automate this myself? Just a thought. I’m willing to jump through some hoops :wink:

You’re best off using the Agenda file format in that case, it’s basically zipped up JSON.

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Thanks @mekentosj. I didn’t think to try treating it as a ZIP. I’ll take a peak inside :wink:

I’m with ljernejcic here. I’m liking the free version of Agenda (very helpful for organising my PhD). Markdown export is a big deal for me and I’m more than happy to pay for the premium pack to get it. The only thing that’s holding me back from that is not being able to export multiple agenda notes to multiple .md or .txt files simultaneously (e.g. a project export with each note in the project going to a separate file). Do you have any update on plans for this feature?

We’d love to offer more export options. To be very honest it’s not at the top of the list but hopefully we’ll manage to squeeze it in at some point.

+1 - export multiple agenda notes to multiple .md files simultaneously.

I’m curious if ljernejcic had any luck, and is willing to share.