Export notes doesn't export attached images

What I did: File → Export → Markdown file

What happened: I’ve got files with text, but not images attached to the appropriate notes.

What I expected:
Images somewhere in the files export.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
latest Agenda, macOS.

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They should be included if you export in TextBundle format or Rich Text with Attachments

I tried that as well, but from what I could see it didn’t work.

But if it would - it would not be a proper solution, I believe - I need markdown files with images, not RTF / TextBundle.

From what I remember, Agenda presents itself as an easy way to export things in Markdown, not in Markdown for text + RTF/TextBundle for everything else, and then spend your weekend mixing them together to get your content together?

TextBundle is markdown + images.

Thank you. And how do I take text and images out of it, so that it would be literally .md + jpg|png|gif?

It’s just a bundle, right-click in the finder and choose Show Package Contents

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Any way to avoid making me to go on every note and just export attachments next to *.MD files, so that it could be picked up by any markdown editor?

Most markdown editors support TextBundle as a native format for import, plus you can export an entire project in one go as a single TextBundle.

The way most markdown editors I know work is the following: you have text as *.md file and attachments - for example, *.png as files next to the *.md.

In a perfect case, even the link from the markdown file to the attachment persists, so it’s perfectly workable content, not just a raw dump of things to deal with.

How can I get the same at Agenda?
I’m fine to export per project if required, however not very happy about it, as there are plenty of them.

At the moment TextBundle is the only option when it comes to preserving attachments alongside Markdown

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Another bummer… It’s getting complicated to exit, which makes it even less likely to make me to re-enter.

For those who will follow, the migration is really resources intense. Not impossible, but I guess it never is. Isn’t it?

Anyway, here are the main steps, on a high level:

  • export all your notes as markdown, one note for each file
  • use this script to convert files names to Obsidian Daily notes format (if that’s your tool of choice)
  • export all your notes in TextBundle format - all notes in one file, use ‘Show package content’, go to assets and manually extract all your attachments and manually add them to the appropriate markdown note
  • repeat that for every subfolder you have
  • verify and clean up markdown format, as it gets broken during the export in quite many files
  • think about Notion.so, SimpleNotes and many other apps - the export of those apps work across the apps in no time (I’ve spent hours migrating from Agenda).