Export notes as task paper format

I am a heavy user of OmniFocus and I believe rather than spending time on a direct integration it would be better overall to have Agenda be able to export notes into the task paper format. This would allow portability between many apps both in and out and use a well defined syntax (like Markdown) that is very widely supported.

Just a thought.

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Thanks for the suggestion. What would be the big advantage of the Taskpaper format over markdown (which we already support)?

The major advantage would be to take notes from a meeting and easily convert them into actionable todos in multiple task management systems. Much like supporting Markdown for the ability to move notes from Agenda to any other Mark Down editor this would allow the movement to Taks Managers.

Here is the help documentation for Omnifocus that shows this support.


This is also gaining traction as the “Markdown” of task editors though admittedly it could fizzle out.

Ok, thanks for sharing, we’ll keep it in mind.