Export notes as a csv file

I am guessing that there is no easy way to do this, but I was wondering if there are any ways to export a project as a csv file with date and note content for the headers. I am fairly certain that there is no way to export a csv within Agenda, so I am also asking if there would be an easy way to convert, say, an RTF file into a csv and have it adopt my format.

There is no built in CSV export, no. CSV is usually used for tabular data, and notes don’t seem a very good fit. Having a whole note text in one cell seems excessive.

I guess the bigger question is “Why?”. What are you trying to achieve with the CSV export? Perhaps there is a better option.

I would think that exporting as an opml file would be a best choice for export and keep the structure of the the Agenda notes. I do not see that Agenda supports exporting to opml. Excel will open opml. It will complain, but it will open opml files.

I think OPML is for feeds, right?

Note that we do support some structured data formats. The most obvious is HTML. You can export as HTML.

Note also that the Agenda File format is just a zip file, which contains some JSON data. Anyone with basic scripting skills can work with that JSON.

CSV doesn’t seem a very good fit. You could just export the note as plain text, and you would get basically the same result, ie, the second column, with the file name being the first column.

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Thanks, I figured this one out on my own. I just used Excel’s import data from plain text and it worked. CSV is the only file format that I could use for that application.

OPML is used for feeds but that wasn’t its original purpose. OPML stands for Outline Processing Marker Language. It was created by Userland as a native file format for an outline program. Userland was founded by Dave Winer who created my all time favorite Outline Program More 3. Nearly every outlining program I have used in recent history imports and exports files as an OPML file. Many of the Mind Mapping programs do so as well as a Mind Map is just a graphical representation of an outline or mathematically speaking a tree structure.

Yes, Userland has software that RSS Feeds and other things. A tree structure is useful for many things: hierarchical databases, the data structure of the directory of data storage devices, and of course outlines.

Probably being surpassed a bit by simple JSON, which serves a similar purpose. I saw some of the Winer people had even introduced a JSON feed schema.

I guess we could have a outline-like export for Agenda. It is not a pure outlining tool, but may fit the mould enough. We do have the Agenda File format, which is zipped JSON. That is actually just the native format of Agenda.