Export as PNG (and other image types)

I haven’t seen this posted before, and wanted to ask whether this could be considered—to export an entire note as either one lengthy PNG, or split into multiple, whichever is feasible, but one lengthy PNG would be preferable.

Reason is that there are still quite a few applications that don’t support PDF import, only images (Figma is an example), so when I want to paste notes to my fellow designers I can’t use a PDF for that, and Agenda doesn’t support PNG export.

This is just one of many examples of cases of use for a PNG export. I don’t know how relevant this might be for other fields, but in User Experience this would be very common.

We’ll keep it in mind, but I think it would be a marginal feature. It is rare for a text editor to export as images, I would think.

I think you can probably use Preview to convert a PDF to images, so that might be an option. Another, which I use sometimes, is just a screen grab.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I understand. A product that tries to do too many things usually ends up bad.

Thanks for your consideration, though!

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