Export ALL projects into one Agenda file

For those of us who are in corporate environments where time machine backup or icloud sync is not allowed, it would be great if Agenda let you export all projects to an Agenda file quickly from the File menu, rather than having to export each project one by one.

That doesn’t seem very practical.

If you want to do a completely manual sync, you could do this:

  1. Click on Finder
  2. Choose Go > Go to Folder
  3. Enter ~/Library/Containers
  4. Find com.momenta.agenda.macos
  5. Copy that whole folder somewhere
  6. Do the same on the other mac, but copy in the folder instead.

Perhaps you could build up a routine around that approach. Make sure you quit Agenda before moving the data around.

We plan to support Dropbox sync soon, so maybe that is an option.