Expand task and calendar view

I need expand view Window task

Under View, there is Hide Projects Sidebar and Hide Related Panel. Are they what you mean?

Do not. I need the task viewport to be bigger. Today I see my tasks with the description cut in the available panel. I need a bigger window.

I believe this may be about the Related Panel being fixed-width on iOS, resulting in many items being truncated and hard to read.

(also note that the last item in my timeline view is obscured by the “recently edited notes” section)

Yes. I need bigger panel task, without items truncated.
I am use IPad Mini 5 only.

It would indeed be nice to make the width more customisable through drag and drop, alas not a trivial change. We’ll add it to the wish list.

I really need this tool. I’m an Evernote, Onenote, Todoist, Microsoft Todo user, and I’ve been looking for an app with Agenda for a long time. However, I see as a limitation of the App the task panel locked, preventing the complete view of the task and / or events. this is horrible! With the larger and customizable task panel display, this App will become fantastic, as it will be a notes and GTD app. Today I unfortunately have to use this App in conjunction with another task manager, and I would love to use only the Agenda. Do it please!!! Urgent!!