Exclude specific tags from ‘related notes’ algorithm

Would be useful to exclude specific tags from being used to show Related Notes.

I have create a Note called ‘Home’ for every Project (this gives an overview of the purpose of the project, deadlines etc). I tag all these notes #home and have a saved search on this tag (#home and On the Agenda) so I can get an overview of all my active projects.

However, the tag #home means other Home notes show up in Related Notes - and they aren’t related as far as I’m concerned. I’d love to be able to exclude #home from being used to show related notes.

I see. Sounds like it is certainly worth considering. Would probably go hand in hand with a tag browser.

Great, glad you agree it would be useful. Looking forward to the tag browser anyway! Another approach might be to dedicate a different symbol to tags that will be ignored by Related Notes, eg ~ or ^

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