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I saw a few comments from the discussions about search being “slow”. I don’t have a lot of entries yet, so I can’t relate. However, I have a suggestion which is also related to my personal need,

Aside from using Agenda for meeting notes, I also use Agenda for personal journaling. When using the search function, it obviously incudes my personal journal entries in the search. However, for work, I wouldn’t want to include my personal journal entries as part of the search results.

Can we possibly have a feature where we can select which projects are included in the search? In other words, can we select certain projects to be excluded from the search?

I know we can choose entries from being excluded from “The Agenda”, which can be excluded from search results by only searching for entries in The Agenda, but I want to be able to have entries not on the agenda, but still be included in the search.

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a good idea, and we’ll try to get this search improvements a bit down the track.

I would suggest taking a look at calendar groups in Fantastical. That’s how this feature should work in my opinion: Assigning projects to „contexts” or „environments” and easily switching between them. Only projects that are part of the selected context should be visible and searchable.

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Sounds like am interesting approach. I guess maybe it would be best to assign such contexts at the category level, right?

Yes, i think category level may work best and should also be straightforward from a usability perspective.

… and to make this feature even more useful (or more premium ;-), you should also allow us to assign differents calendars to such contexts.

So by switching to a context, agenda will display only relevant categories and only relevant calendars in the side bar. This is even more important considering the use case @xineizer described when starting the topic.