Exclude colours in overviews

What I did: make an overview in which notes of a specific colour are excluded.
What happened: notes of this specific colour are listed in the overview.
What I expected: to not see these notes in the list.

Interesting: everything in the latest version.


Hi Rob,
Can you give a bit more info about how you made that overview? How did you setup the search?
Kind regards,

Hi Drew,

It’s quite simple. Open a search and for example use the token ‘notes that are not marked complete’. Next, select a color (in this case, purple) as a token and exclude it from the search. Purple notes will still appear in the results.
In fact, all other tokens work. And it doesn’t make a difference if you select the negative color token first, by the way.

Did that help?

OK, thanks. We’ll take a look.

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