Exchange calendar syncing in iOS but not in macOS

How come my Exchange calendar syncs perfectly on my iPhone and Ipad but not on my Mac ? Also when I go in Preferences > show events from all calendars, the list isn’t editable while it is in IOS. I am signed in on both OS & IOS. I have Agenda 5.2 on my Mac and run on macOS High Sierra.

We’re sorry to hear that, can you send us a series of screenshots of what you describe?
Also, does your exchange calendar show properly in the system calendar app on your mac?

No, it didn’t and your reply prompted me to look at it (I use a 3rd party calendar app which displays the calendar of my Exchange account correctly). So, I deleted my Exchange account in the system calendar app and reinstalled it. Now everything works fine. Thank you.

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Good to hear.

3rd party calendar apps often use a different approach to sync, which would explain why the other one worked and the main calendar app didn’t.