Excessive space at end of note

I’ve noticed some odd behavior on the Mac app. Some notes (usually long ones) have a huge amount of empty space after the final line. It doesn’t happen in the iOS app, though (I use it on both iPhone and iPad). It’s not a huge problem, but somewhat distracting. Has anyone else had this bug, and know of a solution? Deleting and reinstalling didn’t help.

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Same issue. Happens randomly, and I believe on occasion will happen again after my fix. Haven’t noticed any pattern to why this happens.

Seems to be fixed by hitting return at the end of the last word in the note, and then backspace. Gets rid of the space for some reason.


Thank you, that worked!

A quicker way to fix things is to resize the window until the notes jump to the right size. We are investigating the cause and hope to have a definitive fix soon.