Excessive lag checking off checklist item

What I did:

  • check off a checklist item

What happened:

  • Agena beachballs for about 10-15 seconds before the item is checked off and functionality goes back to normal

What I expected:

  • no perceivable lag between clicking and seeing the checklist item checked off

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Agenda 9.3.2 (118)
macOS 10.15.4 (19E287)

  • happens in “today view” and notebook view (not checked other views)
  • happens in a notebook with only one note and only one checklist item
  • the same thing happens when you un-check the checklist item
  • I am showing events from 2 calendars (in case this helps, I know it has been a factor in slowness for previous issues)

That kind of lag is unexpected and not normal. It suggest not to have anything to do with lists at all but rather with the size of your notes of projects. Could it be that you have projects with a very large amount of notes, notes with very long text, or notes with a lot of tags or attachments?

I guess it depends what you consider “very large” :slight_smile:

since first starting to use Agenda, I have been splitting projects to try and keep it so that they don’t have more than about 30-50 notes. I also try to keep notes less than 1-2 screens in length. and tags and attachments are not used too much

there may be a few exceptions to the above. for example, a few notes that are 5-6 screens long, or so

is there anything you can suggest that would help debug what’s going on?

interestingly, it’s not happening today. and it wasn’t happening yesterday