Exceptional workflow with Touchbar, LOVE it



The Touchbar UI is great. I use it to toggle between the Styles (H1, Checkbox, etc.) and I hardly ever have to stop to format or use the cursor to click something. I encourage others to try it out, it really speeds things up for me, personally.

Cheers and thanks again for the great app, Agenda team :pencil2:


Glad to hear you like it, you got @drewmccormack to thank for that one!


Glad you like it. We decided to focus on making it a shortcut for your most common actions, rather than a kitchen sink of buttons. To get the most out of it, make sure you use the touch bar customization menu, so you can drag the most common actions in, and remove things you don’t use much. (The defaults should be good for most people.)


That’s what I did first thing, for sure. I have it set to all the styles/formats so I can compose quickly line-by-line. I make alot of todo lists and quick notes with code snippets, so I’ve got H1, H2, Body, Checkbox, Hyphen and Pre front and center… works out great.


Just wanted to chime in Touch Bar praise too. Both, features and customization points are just great. Here’s my setup:

Agenda is easily most used TouchBar app on my Mac now. :+1:


Glad it is working for people.

We originally started down the usual kitchen sink approach, before asking the important question “What is a Touch Bar good for?”. When you realize you don’t need to put everything in there, but that it should be like a shortcut to things, it makes it clear that submenus and the like should be avoided as much as possible.

If you can’t hit commonly used buttons in one tap, it’s not really useful.


@totocaster totally agree. Most of my touch bar usage is only when I use Agena !!