Excel Spreadsheet Import Support

Would love to have EXCEL spreadsheet import support. Honestly, I love and use ONENOTE. However, since my companyn doesn’t support the use of OneDrive, using OneNote on my MacBook … out of the question.

I love creating a subject field for my Project Leadership notes, before starting the notes.
Since I am not able to use OneNote any longer, I looked at Evernote. However, copying and pasting from Evernote to a simple email in Outlook completly DESTROYS the format. And, Excel doesn’t always migrate well into Evernote and into Outlook along with a company JPEG in one of the fields.

Would love to be able to migrate notes into Agenda with an Excel mini sheet that would keep its formatting. Also, I would love to be able to migrate that sheet out into Outlook as well.

Our plan is to add support for attachments and inline images right after we’ve shipped the iOS version, see Attaching external documents

For Excel files this would mean you would be able to attach them to your note and Agenda would render a thumbnail preview.