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My work meetings can have a ton of information (attendees, location, notes) embedded. When I create a new note from an event it can be a serious mess of info before I’ve even type anything. Would be great if the meeting information went into a collapsible section of the note under the title.

Thanks for the suggestion.

A short term work around may be to add this info in a different note just above/under the main note. Agenda keeps the order of notes, so the two should stay together unless you deliberately move one.

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Sure let me give that a try. Thanks!

To follow up on Drew’s suggestion, if the note already contains content those notes are not imported, so it might be worth doing that first before linking to the event. Second, are these comments from a common meeting scheduling app like Skype or Google Hangouts? If so, those should normally be ignored and we would therefore appreciate if you could send an example so that we can fine tune the detection. Finally, we do plan to add a preference whether you want event notes to be imported or not.

Interesting - ok I’ll try to play around with that approach for sure thanks. With respect tto the second question - while I’m sure it can vary wildly, in my case it has been predominantly hangouts and zoom.

I think a preference for what event details to import would be great! Thanks for listening!

If you could send us example content that is imported while being from Zoom or Hangouts that would be great.

Here is an example. I’ve had to redact to remove certain info. It’s not the longest by any means but was the quickest I can find. Some meetings have 20+ people, sometimes the notes are atrociously formatted with tons of gratuitous spacing and it can take up a ton of vertical space. I like to have the meeting info in the note. IMHO ideal would be if there was a “ > “ type thing which could collapse this info inside the note.

Organized by [email@domain.com](mailto: email@domain.com), with John Doe, John Doe, [email@domain.com](mailto: email@domain.com), Jim Doe, email@domain.com, John Doe, [email@domain.com](mailto: email@domain.com), [email@domain.com](mailto: email@domain.com), [email@domain.com](mailto: email@domain.com), and [email@domain.com](mailto: email@domain.com), at Zoom Meeting.

Notes from Calendar Event:

John Doe is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Zoom Meeting

Time: Jan 1, 2013 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Thanks for sharing, I’ve adapted our detection to make sure it’s now properly stripped.

I’d like to amend this, as I’m seeing this happen as well. Mostly happening with BlueJeans.

Unable to post the extract as I’m too new to post something with more than 5 links.

Could you email your examples to alex@agenda.com?