ETA on automated project creation


Just wondering when the option to create a project is likely to be added to the URL scheme (or if it will be available through AppleScript any time soon).

I like to enter my project details in my time tracking and invoicing software and use IFTTT to create a text file in my dropbox, which I extract variable values from (using Hazel and AppleScript) for automated project creation.

As AppleScript is so capable with the URL scheme I don’t think AppleScript support per se is necessary, but I would very much enjoy being able to continue to create projects automatically as I have become accustomed to that leisurely lifestyle with the tools I’ve used before. There are other reasons why Agenda would work better for me than those other tools… :slight_smile:

We indeed would like to be able to introduce a number of additional possibilities for URL schemes, including the ability to create a project. Stay tuned!