Escaping Characters



Is there a way to escape _ or *?
I need to type those inline and it seems neither / nor \ is working. It just makes my text italic and inserts / or .


Same here. I’m working with a database where all the tables are named with multiple underscores.

Even in codeblocks Agenda is interpreting two underscores as italics.


For escaping we just have fixed width text. You can use back ticks, or the menus to make it. There should not be any markdown parsing in those.


Thanks for the hint.
This still does not help when I want to refer to a value outside of code. In a List for example.


It’s not ideal, I agree, but you can use the fixed width format inline. So you can just apply fixed width to the thing you want to ‘escape’.

We will think more about escaping. It is not so trivial in Agenda, because it is not a pure Markdown editor. Other apps will just leave the backslash in the text, but we would rather not do that. So it probably comes down to some other special formatting for escaped text.

If you have a different idea, we welcome the feedback.