Erinnerungen Link nach Agenda Eintrag

What I did:
Follow the in my Reminder App ( Original Apple )

What happened:

What I expected:
navigate me the entry

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
IOS 13.0
Agenda V16

anyone an idea?

sry, correction what i meant “What i did:”
follow the reminders link back to agenda does not work
i created the link to the reminders in agenda
is this a one way
not really great, now i have to search about 40 entries in the agenda for this event manually

Is this true for all reminders or just that one? Could it be that the reminder was simply deleted while you were editing the text? Or do you see the text and the reminder that it should link to?

my tests today
i tried it on another mac there it works, also with a new entry
a link has expired

source not found > date has expired
“technical clarifications” does not say where to find it