Erased Updated Notes

What I did: Looked at my notes from yesterday in my iPad.

What happened: When I looked at the same notes in my iPhone yesterday’s note were only one row.

What I expected: To have the same notes in iPad an iPhone when I have Agenda connected to them both through iCloud.

How do I secure that not anything of my notes disappeared?
I need to solve this emegently because if it’s a bug I need to switch note system. My notes are important, we are in the middle of a negotiation.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): How Agenda do the sync between devices if you do some changes in the iPad and som in the iPhone.

/// Best regards

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Hi Nanda,

Can you try restarting your iPhone, to see if that helps?

Something else to try: make a small edit in a note, like adding a space. Does that trigger a resize?

Is it possible you collapsed the notes? If you did, you should see an orange dash next to the title of the note. Tapping that should expand it.

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