Enhancement Request for Bulk Deletion Feature in Agenda Software

Dear [Software Development Team],

I am writing to suggest an enhancement for the Agenda software, which I believe would significantly improve user experience.

As a user of your software, I appreciate its robust functionality and user-friendly design. However, I recently encountered a situation that highlighted the need for a bulk deletion feature. I needed to delete multiple items from my agenda, which amounted to dozens of entries. After backing up all my files through the export function, I found that the only option available was to delete each item individually. This process was quite tedious and time-consuming.

Therefore, I would like to propose the addition of a feature that allows users to delete multiple items or even entire categories in one action. This functionality would greatly streamline the process for users who need to manage large amounts of data or reorganize their agendas efficiently.

Introducing a bulk deletion option could include features such as:

  1. Checkbox selection for multiple items within a category.
  2. A ‘Select All’ option within each category for quicker selection.
  3. A confirmation prompt post-selection to prevent accidental deletions.

This enhancement would not only save time but also improve the overall user satisfaction by providing greater control and flexibility in managing their agendas.

Thank you for considering this suggestion. I look forward to seeing continuous improvements in your software that cater to user needs.

Sincerely, lilunxp

It should be possible to hold down CMD or shift, and select multiple notes to delete. You can also delete whole projects, and select the projects to delete the same way. (This is on macOS.)

In this way, you can get a type of bulk delete. Just drag the notes/projects to the Trash, and empty the trash.