Enhanced To Do/Checklist Search

Thanks for all the hard work that went into releasing Agenda 19 with improved search features. The new “To Do” overview is something I will use a lot, although I’m wondering if additional enhancements could be added to really super-charge the feature?

My primary use case for Agenda is keeping track of meeting agendas/notes for my client-facing meetings. I’m a financial advisor so I have a project for each client household and create a new note for each client meeting. During the course of a client meeting I create checklist items for any action items, and I add a tag to the end of each checklist item with either “#task-client” or “#task-advisor” so it is clear whether the action needs to be completed by the client or by me.

With the current implementation of the To Do overview, all notes with at least one unchecked item are presented, which makes sense. What I’d love is the ability to create a Smart Overview that filters for notes that have at least one unchecked item AND a specific tag on the same line so I can quickly review just my action items (i.e. unchecked items with the tag #task-advisor).

I’m not sure if Agenda understands the concept of tagging a checklist item like that, or perhaps there is already a way to accomplish this kind of filtering, but this feature would be an amazing productivity enhancement for my needs.

You will be happy to know that we have features coming in Agenda 20 that work at the paragraph level, rather than the note level. I believe you will be able to setup an overview exactly like you want.

Stay tuned!


That’s great news, thank you for providing that insight. I’m new to Agenda so curious if there is a typical cadence to the major version releases?

I’m new to Agenda so curious if there is a typical cadence to the major version releases?

We usually have 2-3 major updates per year of the type Agenda 19, Agenda 20, with smaller point updates in between. Their interval is not fixed and depends on the complexity and inter-depency of updates (for example Agenda 17 and 18, as well as Agenda 19 and 20 are effectively pairs).