Energy use

The Agenda app is really nice and I hope it will contonur to develop. I wonder why it takes so much energy from the computer. It consistently takes mor than 100 and is always on first place at the energy consumption list. It is much more demanding then OmniFOcus and all my sync apps.

We did improve things a bit in recent versions. Do you have the latest 1.3 version?


Yes I have the latest version


OK, thanks for the feedback. We will try to reduce that energy use. This app is still only a few weeks old, and the other ones you mention are years old, and have had the time to improve that aspect.

Thanks, the Agenda app is great and I look forward to upcoming updates. It is much more up-to-date than the other ones and the linkage of notes to the cal and the tagging possibilities is functions I have been looking for but not found in previous apps.

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