Empty line when inserting an image in an outline

Say I have a note with an outline, and I want to include an image between bullet points 1 and 2. I create an empty line:
Capture d’écran 2021-12-20 à 12.09.34

and drag-n-drop an image on the empty line:

Note that the second bullet point now contains an empty line and an image. Say I want to get rid of the empty line. If I put the cursor to the left of the image like so

and hit backspace, the combo (empty line + image) gets removed.

Actually, it seems like images within outlines will always be preceded by an empty line. It seems I cannot create a bullet item that contains only an image. Is that on purpose, or is there some way to get rid of the empty line that I’m not aware of?

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll have a look if it can be improved.

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This is actually by design. Images and attachments always get their own line in Agenda. (Apple Notes seems to have a similar policy.)

The alternative is something like this

ie very uneven ugly lines.

My advice is just to remove the bullet. Ie convert that line to body text, and indent if you prefer that.

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Indeed removing the bullet works fine. Thanks for the suggestion!

one last point: when I remove the bullet from the image line, the bullet from the following line is removed at the same time. Is that on purpose?

No, that sounds like a bug. It also occurs to me that we could handle list items a bit differently, so that if they are empty, the image does just go on the same line. So we will see if we can improve this. Thanks for the feedback!

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