Emoji in tags and searches

I find it very useful for filtering and organizing to be able to include emoji in my tags and notes. The visual element provides a distinctive cue that helps me to mentallly sort what I’m seeing and know what to pay attention to. I’m not finding that Agenda allows me to use emoji in my tags. Search also seems to ignore emoji, which means I can’t use them as de facto tags in saved searches. Any possibility of emoji support in search and tags? (Side note: Both are possible in Things 3.) Thanks!

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We will add try to investigate this. Thanks for the feedback!

Any update on this issue? I’m running into the same thing when I try to add tags to my emojis (#:100::star2:assignment). It would be amazing if emojis could be used in tags.

I’m afraid there are limitations in our tags at the moment that basically restrict them to simple characters. We have plans to improve that in future. Sorry for the wait.

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At the very least, emoji search would be great. Emoji are a simple, effective way to provide visual tags. I don’t personally have a need to put emoji in tags themselves, but I would like to be able to search for notes that have emoji in the title or text.

Hopefully this comes “for free” as part of the changes enabling Chinese language support.


yes, it would be great.
I miss this feature too.

Yes, emoji search would be a great help.

I just signed up for Agenda Premium and began going through my notes to tag them and realized that none of my emojis work. That’s pretty much how I tag everything since they’re simple, visual, and stand out. So I guess you can add my name to the list of people waiting on this feature.

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Stay tuned. We have tag revamp starting now, and we will allow many more variations of tags.