Embrace iOS swipe gestures for notes

It’s a bit cumbersome to set the on/off agenda and done actions not he ipad, which got me thinking about the lack of horizontal swipe gestures.

Being able to quickly swipe right to mark as on the agenda (or done) would be a huge time saver, especially for clearing items from the agenda.

On the other side, swipes can be used for setting dates and perhaps picking a favourite action (delete, share, move, collapse etc)

I appreciate that the current swipe gestures to show hide the Side bars would perhaps need to be rafactored, but I’d much rather have clickable toggles for those anyway.

I would imagine the same “short” vs “long” swipe, so perhaps short swipe left is “toggle on the agenda” and a long swipe can be “mark as done”

On the other side it can be either date or context menu focused, or a mix of both , e.g. short swipe to set/clear date (I.e. open date picker) and long swipe to run favourite action e.g. collapse note, share., move etc. (If integration with shortcuts was hard baked as an option, e.g. launch shortcut xyz with this note URL then I might just die of happiness, but I digress).

Terrible doodle example below

That’s an excellent idea! I find marking on the Agenda and Done very clunky at the moment.

I found the same when I have to complete a note and check it, taking it away from Agenda, on the iOS all the time I have to do it in two steps. So, this or another solution making possible to do all in just one action would be welcomed!

What you describe is exactly what we have been thinking of, just didn’t get to it yet I’m afraid.

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Good to know it’s floating around already :slight_smile:

Agree! currently swiping focuses on sidebars which are not that commonly needed. Rather have swipes tie to current note.