Email links not opening on iPad

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I am a new paid subscriber to Agenda.

I have noticed today that Apple Mail links embedded into an agenda will not open the respective email but open the Apple Mail app only. Can you advise?

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I’m not sure we are able to do anything about that. We just open the link, and the system chooses the app.

You could try looking in the Settings app. Maybe there is a way to indicate your default mail app there. But I have a feeling Apple are not very helpful with this :frowning:

The system choses the app (in my case Mail is the default app) however, it won’t open the respective email. It will open the last email accessed in the Mail. The Mail will also freeze for few seconds. This happens only on iOS and unfortunately only with Agenda. I am using other apps that allow for links to Mail app however, no problems with those apps.

So you make a link with Mail in Agenda? How do you do that? Dragging it in?

And later you click the link, and it opens Mail, but the email is not the one you created the link for?

Note that you can only create a link for one mail message. You can’t drag in a whole thread or group of them. Could that be the issue?

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Well. I am not sure if he latest update solved this issue but it now works like a dream :slight_smile: Thank you

Oh, odd. Not sure if we changed anything there or not. Glad it is working, in any case.

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