Email linking from MailMate

I’m using MailMate as email client and often link to emails in Things tasks. I was trying the same with Agenda on macOS.

Agenda created an *.eml file attachment (basically a copy of the email).

I’d expect Agenda to create a message://xyz123 link that I could click to open the linked email in MailMate.

I’m new to Agenda, I’m using v4.1 from the App Store, so I might be missing something obvious. I’ve also tried to script the whole thing from MailMate (it offers a plugin API), but couldn’t find any way to steer Agenda via AppleScript.

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We’d have to look at what MailMate puts on the pasteboard. Regarding scripting, you can call the x-callback-urls from AppleScript: X-callback-url Support and Reference

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