Email Drag and Drop on iPad Doesn’t Work

One thing I’ve noticed is that the iOS app on the iPad doesn’t support drag and drop properly when it comes to email. While I can open Agenda in a slide over and drag an email into a note, the link back to the original email doesn’t format properly so it is unusable. Nor does the link use the message subject as the text. This is very critical for my workflow as I use the iPad quite a bit for processing email. Please add this to the roadmap.

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Thanks for reporting, we’ll have a look. Is this with the standard iOS Mail app?

Yes the standard mail app.



Also, if it helps your troubleshooting, it does deposit the email link string of characters for the link in the note, but just doesn’t format it correctly (along with not having the subject of the email). So I found if I took that string and manually changed that to markdown (adding parentheses etc.), I could create a working link.

Thanks, that’s helpful, we’ll have a look.