Eisenhower: Simple method, only 1 simple feature required

Hello Agenda Team,

I’ve seen posts going back three years about the Eisenhower Method of categorizing your To-Dos into 4 categories: Do, Focus, Delegate and Sometime. This is easy to do in Apple Reminders, with Tags and Smartlists:

However, the current workflow is take meeting notes in Agenda, use the “\reminder” feature to create a reminder, then go back to Apple Reminders and add the appropriate tag (Do, Focus, Delegate, Sometime). That is inefficient. Is there no way that you can collect one more field in the view below, allowing users to either select a tag or perhaps a flag? This would allow me to do the entire Reminder/To Do process directly from Agenda… Currently one can only select the list, but not select any associated tags or flags:




As much as we would love to add this possibility, Apple hasn’t made the tagging feature of the Reminders app accessible through the developer APIs. Unfortunately this has been a bit of a trend in recent years with Apple, for example sublists are and even links on reminders are something they have added to the reminders app but not made accessibility to us developers either :frowning:

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If you set up reminders w/ your types in a group no need for the type tag.

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Hi Bruce,

Zoiks, Shaggie! I learned something new. If I create the focus list, I then drag it over my “to-do” list and it makes a group. Then I can pick the “focus” list, for example. Thanks!


Well, that creates a new set of issues, which is you cannot add a smart list to a group of lists. I have to look at my workflow and how this all plays out. Plus, I believe I lose my Eisenhower Matrix at the top of my To-do lists. Nevertheless, thank you.


Hi Bob,
What you could do is use the set of Eisenhower tags in your Agenda notes and make overviews of them.
The only categories that need Reminders anyway are “Do” and (maybe) “Delegate”. Put a reminder in such notes and you’re done (me thinks).