Eisenhower implementation

Hey there,

is it possible to integrate the Eisenhower matrix (important & urgent, important & not urgent, not important & urgent, not important & not urgent) into agenda app?

It would make the agenda much easier for me :slight_smile:


I’m afraid I’m not very familiar with this approach, could you describe in a bit more detail how this works? Your best bet would be the use of tags, possibly the types that take a value, see Tags, People, Emoji's, Text Actions and Links

Won’t quick hack of simply tagging q1 - q4 and then have stored filters work for your purpose?


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Maybe you could use the Category as the different quadrants. And within those quadrant you can add different projects per task.

Category 1(q1)
Category 2 (q2)

Or if you use multiple method

Category 1 - Eisenhower Method
Subcategory 1 (q1)
Subproject 1 - task
Subcategory 2 (q2)

Category 2 - GTD method

Something like that

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