Editor and community



Hi there,

I’m using this app because it has a great feature: link a note to an agenda. this is a great idea and it’s a « killer feature » for a freelancer like me hopping from projects to projects.

I gripe every time I use the app for two main reaons:

  • Editor: it’s bad. There are tons of little behaviour issues like when you enter a bullet list, after the last item, you can not « hit return then hit delete » your way out of a list, you have to tap back to body style. It’s sub par to good editors like Bear and that’s very anoying. Also, it does not look good, but that’s a matter a taste, so less arguable, but there is far too much space between lines etc.

  • This, I mean why do I have to register to a community? Why is this a feature of a note app? Less of my data is better. I don’t want to go to the app store and give you a bad review because it’s really a promising app and I’m happy I test driving it, so I want to connect to you and give feedback but this is not proportional.

Thanks and good luck.

Share your feedback with us…

Please note that you can hit enter, and then backspace to leave list mode. That should work.

Nobody has to register with the community. It is optional, and you can simply email us for support if you don’t want to join. It is an additional feature. Not sure why a better, built-in support community could ever be a bad thing.


I think that if you give the community a chance you just might find you like it - there are a lot of friendly people here who are great at solving problems and suggesting new creative ways to use Agenda :blush: