Editing tags breaks them

What I did: I created a tag normally starting with #. I usually work with tags that contain at least two words like #Competitor Analysis. The problem with that is after the first word the tag breaks, and that’s because it’s not enclosed, say with #Competitor Analysis#. Then, I’m left with only the word “Competitor”, so I click on it to edit the tag and that’s okay.

The issue starts when I try to edit the tag further (read below What happened).

What happened: Clicking the tag and editing it for minor changes, like removing a space or anything else, cuts the tag / breaks it, leaving only the first word intact. I have to edit it again from scratch for it to work.

What I expected: To be able to edit tags and them stay preserved, and the new changes be migrated to all the other existing connections.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Tested with Agenda 14.1.1 (231) for macOS 12.4.

If you enclose multiple words after the hash in brackets you will have what you are looking for!

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Thanks for the tip! It took me a while to figure out how this works. There could be a simpler way of doing this. I like Bear’s implementation that works like #test tag# instead of #(test tag).

But we still need a fix for the problem with tags breaking after they have been edited via tag editor.


One other observation:

It’s possible to add an emoji to the beginning of a tag, but not at the end,


I don’t think there’s much difference between #test tag# or #(test tag) to be honest, just a matter of getting used to and also in terms of discoverability there’s no difference IMO. And after using the tag once, auto-completion usually means you hardly ever type more than a few characters if the first word anyway.

The editing problems are something different though, we’ll see why that breaks the tags up. Same with emoji’s. Btw, how do you insert those?

Once a tag is created I click on it to open it for editing and add an emoji there. I can only add them to the beginning of a tag. Adding them to the end doesn’t show them.

OK, thanks for clarifying, we’ll check

Update: I believe the editing of tags should no longer break them in Agenda 16.1, let us know if you still hit issues.

Hi Alex! :wave:

It appears to be resolved, but I’ll test further and should I encounter issues I’ll report back.

Thanks for fixing this!

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Thanks for confirming @SNH, glad to hear!