Editing attachments in 3rd party app

Maybe I am doing it wrong, but I can’t get attachments edits to save back to agenda on iPhone. Works fine on MacBook.

What I did: Attempted to edit a Pages document attached to agenda note. Would not save changes back to agenda note.

What happened: When I open agenda note attachment in pages, attachment in agenda gets copied to pages iCloud folder and edits are saved there.

What I expected: edits saved to agenda note

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 18.3
iOS 17.3
iPhone 13

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I have the same issue with other apps.
I guess it’s related to sandbox restrictions in iOS

Yes, something changed in iOS 17. We are not 100% this is a deliberate policy, but the result at this point is that we have no way to implement in-place editing anymore. It has been reported to Apple, but we have not seen any response so far (which is not unusual).

We can’t do much more at this stage, I’m afraid. I have scoured the internet for solutions from other developers, but it seems Apple have closed down this functionality, accidentally or not. Sorry.


Ah, bummer. It was a useful feature on iOS. Hopefully issue is gets attention at Apple.

After opening document in agenda and making edits I can still share it back manually to agenda and then delete the previous version in agenda (and the duplicate file created in files). Will do that method in the meantime on iOS when needed, though not efficient or ideal.

Glad it still working as intended on macOS side. Will do my edits on the Mac in the meantime.


These issues are so annoying, it must be hard to develop iOS apps

Does linking to the document work on iOS? If so, that might be a good work around.

Hookmark is coming to ios in Q1 2024, might be a temporary (or permanent) solution. Do you know other ways to link documents?

I’ve been using Hookmark for MAC almost 2 years. Since I have Agenda set as my default notes app, even the notes done using Agenda links show up in hooks DB. The links created anywhere on my Mac will also work in iOS where files are synced. You just can’t create them yet. :+1:

Good to know it, you can just copy the link. iOS app is probably going to solve that issue about creating links.

I looked into options earlier this year when this issue with iOS/iPadOS 17 became apparent. What has worked well for me is saving files in iCloud Drive and then using Invite with Link in the Share menu to share a link with myself. This is a “deep" link, which if opened in Agenda takes me to the Files app, from which I can edit the file using the app of my choice. Most of the time the Files app will remember the app I use for that file type and provide the option to Open in [app] at the top of Files window.

As to the Hookmark iOS app, I am taking the liberty of copying an email from somebody at the Hookmark team that suggests the iOS app may not provide the functionality that folks here are looking for:

The main feature is that it syncs Hook’s bookmarks from Mac (two way), if you enable iCloud sync on the Mac. Very handy to see links to anything there. E.g., you can click on a link to an email or Apple note and access it, assuming the message or note is reachable by Mail.app or Notes. Some of this requires installing a shortcut we provide. Due to iOS sandboxing, hook://file/ links are not yet synced.


You solution is better then